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ACTORS 3'60 The Emotion Reel

The 60' seconds Emotion Reel

The Actors 3'60 emotion reel is a short, dynamic video that highlights the actors' performances, it aims to show a range of emotions in record time.

It lasts 1 minute, which makes this tool very effective for professionals, it provides much more information than a frozen image and it is a huge time saver for them, in a busy industry.

This Actors 3'60 live headshot allows actors to either complete a classic reel with film extracts, or to have a real professional tool to approach casting directors, agents and decision-makers in the film industry in general.

Thanks to this new format, beginning actors will be able to have access to castings.

It exists in both French and English for those who wish to open up to the international market.

Testimonials from actresses who were generous enough to share with you the feedback from cinema professionals on their Actors 3'60 live headshot. 

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