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The 60'second Emotion Reel

The ACTORS 3'60 Emotion Reel is a short, dynamic video that showcases the actors' performance, and aims to display a range of emotions in record time.

It lasts 1 minute, which makes it a highly effective tool for professionals, providing much more information than a still image.

This ACTORS 3'60 Emotion Reel enables actors either to complete a classic show reel, and/or to have a real professional tool for approaching casting directors, agents and decision-makers in the film industry in general.

Thanks to this new format, first-time actors will be able to access castings.


This tool was created by Candice Nechitch, a French photographer who specializes in the image of actors. Having previously had a career as an actress, her love of acting and her knowledge of the industry enable her to help you succeed with your communication tools. She created the ACTORS 3'60 Emotion Reel, which has become a reference for agents and casting directors in France. 


The ACTORS 3'60 is now established in New York, managed by Ilona Wind, an actress and producer based in the Big Apple.

In addition to her producer and acting roles, Ilona shares the same passion for actors performances and film, and has been trained by both the Actors Studio and the Ivana Chubbuck method, as well as by Candice herself, to give you the best tools to help you succeed in the industry.

Introduction Actors 3'60 New-York
Anne Cécile Pellarini Actors 3'60
Clara Cantos Actors 3'60
Pierre Emmanuel Brault Actors 3'60
Pierre Azéma Actors 3'60
Louisa Lacroix  Actors 3'60
Claudia Mongumu Actors 3'60
Mélissa Berard Actors 3'60
Alex Metzinger Actors 3'60
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